DE NIEUWE HAMMOCK 1 Onze nieuwe krachtpatser voor in de werkbroek DE HAMMOCK 2 De kniebeschermer voor langdurig werk op de knieën

Ultraknee protects

Ultraknee prevents negative consequences of kneeled work.

In the Netherlands, 13.2% of the labor force regularly squats/kneels. This amounts to 1.2 million people. Professionals who sit on their knees for more than 60 minutes every day have an increased risk of osteoarthritis in their knee and of meniscus damage.

Research shows that it is best for professionals to choose a knee protector that distributes the pressure as much as possible over the entire surface of the knees. All Ultraknee protectors are optimized to distribute the pressure as evenly as possible. As a result Ultraknee always protects against moisture, dirt and sharp objects and in the long term against physical complaints.

Patented technology

All protectors of Ultraknee are equipped with patented springs that are optimised to spread the pressure along the surface of the protector. These springs have been developed by human kinetic technologists in coöperation with TNO, and two Dutch universities. As a result the protectors will always feel comfortable. Not just for a moment, but throughout the entire day.